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Check Out My New Crime Series on ID Discovery!


ID Discovery has graciously given me my first crime series, LAKE ERIE’S COLDEST CASES, which debuts at the end of the month only on IDGO. Each episode explores a new unsolved case I’ve researched in the Cleveland area (one of them is solved as I’m covering it!).

And it gets better! This online series is a companion project to a new TV series that will run on ID Discovery, called THE LAKE ERIE MURDERS. The first three episodes explore the unsolved abduction/murder of Amy Mihaljevic. Tune in on December 30 to see what we’ve uncovered!


  1. Mary

    Looking forward to this. I just read your book, and I hope this case gets solved.

  2. Amanda

    James- I have been following this case due to your extraordinary journalism skills and professionalism. So excited to see it on ID GO! I’ve read everything you’ve written – I’m a journalist myself (BG99!) please write more.

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