Goodreads Loves The Great Forgetting!


“There’s a kind of novel that always feels like a home when i come across one. i can’t articulate exactly what it is about these books except that they are paradoxically both exciting and comforting to me; my heart beats faster while my body relaxes. they have nothing in common with each other, although they frequently fall into the place where postmodern metafiction intersects with slipstream and kinda knocks you over sideways a little and has you questioning reality.”


“I motherf-ing LOVED this. Holy hell. Where do I begin?”


“Renner is a brave author who doesn’t ever make safe choices. He marches out into the badlands of crazy and bewildering, sees what he finds there, and then puts it into his story.”


“I want to rave about this book and explain in minute detail why you should be reading it RIGHT NOW — instead of reading this review — and yet, I so desperately do not want to ruin it for you so I can’t say anything!”


“Some books are special. They make you look at the world around you in a different way. They fill your heart and your mind with ‘what ifs’. They make you think of possibilities. This is one of these books.”


“Now and then, I come across an interview with an author where the question is asked ‘What is the book you wish you’d written?'”


“What. What just happened. I don’t know how to review this.”


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