That Time I Went on an Adventure with Josh Gates

Tune in to Expedition Unknown on Jan 17 (on the Travel Channel). Josh Gates and I run around Milwaukee to see if we can find the key Byron Preiss buried in Lake Park in 1982. Byron hid a dozen keys across North America and put clues to their location in a wonderful book called, The Secret, which is the subject of a documentary I directed. With any luck the documentary will be out in 2018. I have to say, adventuring with Josh Gates is as fun as it looks like on TV. One of the coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

I am so psyched for this!

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  1. I found Boston last night, I Am fairly certain the city of Boston is digging the area this spring for refurbishment. I need advice on how to get this dig up legally please reach out. I am certain I have the spot!

  2. I believe I have found the New Orleans site. I live in Califirnia so I sent my Daughter, who lives in the French Quarter, out on Monday and she confirmed as much as she could. They have areas blocked off in preparation for Mardi Gras. Here are a few clues so that you know I am serious. The place is Lafayette Square. The park shop on google earth matches the clock face shape in the picture. The logitude and latitude stone is in the park. The three statues are the one watching. The fifteen rows down are the stairs to the old city hall. Where namesakes meet is St. Charles St. and Lafayette St. I know the rest of
    the clues that I can share with you if you would like to contact me. My Daughter said she will have to wait until Mardi Gras in over to check the ground clues. I am fairly certain I am within a ten foot area of the casque.
    I look forward to telling you the rest. I am planning on flying out to New Orleans the weekend after Easter.

    1. Ryan, would you mind sharing the info? I live in NYC and I have made some connections which I believe are brand new – they do not lead to the sites that are the prevailing theories. I emailed James Renner to share my findings with him, since I don’t want to make them public just yet, until I have a chance to explore and either debunk or support my theory.

  3. I have found all the clues for Milwaukee. I wanted a chance to talk to you before I go any further. Please contact me.

  4. I wondered if you gave up or hit red tape, I believe you and Josh were so close… South paw, maybe more left like a boxers south paw? Have you or any one dug there again? You deserve the find…. Just what has happened. Dug again or not…? Good luck

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