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The Porchlight Project Begins!

This last year, I’ve been working hard to put together a new non-profit that can provide financial help and media attention to the families of the missing and murdered, focusing on cold cases in Ohio. I’m excited to announce that The Porchlight Project is here and our first case is the 1987 unsolved murder of Barbara Blatnik.

The board members of The Porchlight Project include former police chiefs, private investigators, journalists, lawyers, and podcasters. We’ll be working together to bring closure to a handful of cases this year. Please visit our website and consider a donation today.

And now a front-page article from the Beacon Journal!


  1. C K

    So many years have gone by and I just feel so sad for her family . I attended Lumen high school with Barbara and her sister Donna . Barbara was absolutely stunning . She was the type of girl that you would want to be like perfect hair shape and personality. I pray for her family the not knowing all these years is terrible and to know that this person has gotten away is just unimaginable . Thank you for bringing this cold case to life . Every family deserves answers and Barbara deserves to Rest In Peace.

  2. Nancy Kelley

    How wonderful the family may now have a little rest

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